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References to pods
  • The Bible passages are usually quoted and taken from the Bibles listed below.
  • Teachers from the Israel Bible Institute/Israel Bible Center and Israel Weekly are credited in the text by name and adademic title, month of publication and name of the topic.
The following books, sites, teaching works, instructional videos and instructional podcasts are and have been used.

Israel Bible Institute | Copyright © 2017-2020
Ahaliav St 8, Ramat Gan
5252261, Israel

(aka: Israel Bible Center) and Israel Bible Weekly

Names of various teachers, speakers and guests

(with express permission)

The NIV Study Bible (10th Anniversary edition)

Zondervan Publishing House

Grand Rapids, Michigan


God's Appointed Times

Barney Kasdan

Lederer Messianic Publications

Printed in the USA


The Living Bible,

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Wheaton, Illinois


The Jewish New Testament

David Stern

Haenssler, 1994

"Ist die Bibel richtig übersetzt?"

Pinchas Lapide

Gütersloh publishing house Munich, 2004

6th edition, 2020

Jewish New Testament

transl. by David Stern

Jewish New Testament Publications

Clarksville, MD

4th pub. 19194

"Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus"

Louis Tverberg

Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Recommendation, TK 2:


Song "Jesus Most High"

Songs of Faith No. 542

Text & Melody: Naida Hearn/Jim and Ann Mills

Voice & Piano: Simona Gallova

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